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Product Features

  • Low Noise
  • Eight Mono Outputs or
  • Four Stereo Outputs
  • Signal Presence LED
  • 11 Modules per Frame
  • >100dB S/N Ratio
  • A/B Buss Monitoring

Analog DA Mono/Stereo/Level Bar Graph

Model No: 1651

Link Electronic's DigiFlex 1651 Stereo Audio Distribution Amplifier takes advantage of the latest in Operational Amplifier technology. The front end is high-impedance, balanced, with high commonmode rejection. The output amplifier is capable of driving low impedance (150Ω) loads and is compensated for load capacitance of up to 10,000pF. Its wide bandwidth (>120KHz) will allow for the distribution of SMPTE Time Code or BTSC Baseband Stereo.

Ultra low-noise components (including metal-oxide resistors) are used throughout the audio signal path. Both the input buffer and output driver offer noise figures of <7nV/Hz 1/2. In addition, extreme care has been taken in the printed circuit board design to reduce noise and improve channel isolation.

The 1650 and 1651 are identical with one exception: the 1651 has logarithmic bar graph level meters for the left and right channel signal indication. The LINK 1651 has a unique signal presence indicator on the rear panel. The rear panel module with build-out resistors and fixed terminal blocks is the model 1014. Plug-in terminal blocks are available on the 1021 Rear Cell. The front panel features a DC power supply monitor LED.

The 1651 is designed to reside in Link's DigiFlex 1000 frame. This rugged 2RU frame can house up to 11 modules. An audio buss runs the full length of the frame to allow monitoring of any of the resident audio distribution amplifiers by a single monitoring amplifier, model 1626. A switch on the front of the module places the audio signal on the frame buss. The versatile DigiFlex 1000 frame can also accommodate AES/EBU Digital Audio distribution (using the DigiFlex 1652) as well as Analog and Digital Video distribution.

Backed by a 10-year warranty, the 1651 will provide years of outstanding performance.

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