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Mounting Frame with Power Supply

Model No: 1000

DigiFlex provides digital, analog, video, and audio modules for distribution in professional video systems. The model 1000 frame is the foundation of a complete family of digital and analog products. The 1000 series is the"Professional's Choice" for long-term system requirements for distribution, timing, and processing needs. The 1000 frame makes it easy to accomplish rigorous jobs in the studio and in the field.

The DigiFlex 1000 frame will accept eleven (11) modules (ten when the redundant power supply is installed). Any combination of the available modules can be installed into the frame. Each module has a companion rear cell for I/0 connections. The DigiFlex 1000 frame can easily accommodate a combination of analog & digital DA's, A to D's, D to A's, synchronizers, and transcoder modules. SD SDI & HD SDI modules are available. DigiFlex has a single isolated +12 volt power supply system distributed on the back plane of the frame. System Features and Summary Frame with 1 Power Supply - Model 1000 Frame with 2 Power Supplies - Model 1000/2 Unipolar power supply(s) isolated from ground or capacitor coupled. Dual Power Supply Model (1000/2) has separate power cords for each supply. An external power supply connection is standard. Dual cooling fans are mechanically reversible. Rear Cell LED Signal Present Indicator.

Front Panel Indicators include: AC Power. AC Power Fault, DC Fuse, and Frame Fault Permanently attached front panel for RFI protection. The front panel drops open revealing all operating controls. Modules are removable from the front. For a complete listing of all DigiFlex 1000 Series modules, click here. The DigiFlex frame has a comprehensive set of diagnostic fault indicators. The power supply has a green LED indicating that it is functioning properly. A red LED indicates the DC fuse is open. If a redundant power supply is installed, the power supply will indicate an input power fault (ie. no AC). A red LED on the frame indicates a frame fault (loss of signal to any of the modules installed into the frame). Audio Monitoring Feature The DigiFlex frame system offers a special audio monitoring feature that eliminates the need for external audio monitor switchers. Model 1626 is an 18-watt monitoring amplifier module that can be installed into an DigiFlex frame slot.

The 1626 amplifier can monitor any DigiFlex audio card with an analog output. Rear Cell terminals are provided for connection to external speakers (not provided by Link Electronics) for rack monitoring. A front edge card headphone jack is also provided. The 1626 includes a master volume control. Each analog audio monitor has an goutput to bush switch. Setting the modulefs switch to the gonh position sends a sample of the audio that the module is processing to the 1626 monitoring amplifier. Using the goutput to bush switch each module can be monitored individually. The analog audio modules capable of 1626 monitoring: 1650/1014 Audio DA with Screw Terminals 1650/1021 Audio DA with 3-pin Connectors 1651/1014 Audio DA, Level Meters, Screw Terminals 1651/1021 Audio DA, Level Meters, 3-pin Connectors 1657/1013 AES/EBU DA with Analog Monitor Output 1657/1015 AES/EBU DA with Analog Monitor Output 1658/1028 AES/EBU Digital Audio to Analog Audio For a complete listing of all DigiFlex 1000 Series modules, click here. Only one 1626 monitoring amplifier is required per system. One 1626 can monitor all of the audio modules installed into ten or more frames.

LEDs on each module rear cell indicate loss of signal. This allows the user to conveniently troubleshoot connections at the rear of the frame. All module faults are tied together on a common bus. Relay contacts are provided on a rear panel connector for an optional alarm. A +12 VDC power source is also available at the rear panel connector. The alarm circuit of multiple frames can be wired together. Frame Options 1000 - Frame with power supply, holds up to 11 modules 1000/2 Frame with Dual power supply, holds up to 10 modules 7200 Mounting Frame with power supply will hold any single DigiFlex module. It can be used as a stand-alone Frame-Sync or conversion device, or it will hold any of the 41 DigiFlex modules.

In the unlikely event a problem should occur with the DIGIFLEX 1000 Frame, it is usually repairable without removing it from service. With the exception of a backplane problem, the DIGIFLEX 1000 Frame can remain fully operational during maintenance or repair. A redundant power supply may be required for un-interrupted operation during repair. The rear cell is to be specified for the appropriate module. The rear I/O cells are capable of a variety of different input and output connections. The cells can handle serial digital audio and video, analog audio and video as well as control signals. The different rear cell I/O connections and the flexibility of the frame places virtually no limits on the diversity of applications that can be accomplished with the 1000 frame. For a complete listing of all DigiFlex 1000 Series modules, click here.

Product Features

  • Frame Holds 11 Modules
  • Digital Products
  • Analog Products
  • Ten-Year Warranty
  • Audio Products
  • Video Products
  • Fault Detection
  • Two Rack Units

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