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Product Features

  • 3G/HD/SD SDI/ASI Compatible
  • Auto Detection of Loss of Signal
  • Threshold "Sensitivity" Adjust
  • Manual Override
  • Power off By-pass
  • LED Indicators
  • GPI Input

Video Presence Detector for 3G / HD / SDI / ASI

Model No: LEI-516

The LEI-516 is designed to monitor its main input signal and automatically switch to an alternate signal if the main signal is lost. A three-terminal dry-contact connector offers normally-closed and normally open contacts to control peripheral gear. The input receiver device monitors the incoming video for a valid signal. If the main input signal is invalid or lost, the LEI-516 will switch to a valid auxiliary input. This “sensitivity” adjustment gives the LEI-516 the ability to select its auxiliary input even before data errors are visible in the primary input.

Power off Bypass and Manual Override

An impedance matching relay is used to switch from main input to auxiliary input and will switch to main input when power is lost to the LEI-516. Component 270Mb/s, 1.5Gb/s and 3Gbs, composite 143Mb/s and 177Mb/s, and ASI, digital video formats are supported. Front panel switches allow you to override the automatic change-over function and choose either video source. Dual front panel “status” LEDs indicates the presence or absence of both primary and auxiliary video inputs. The unit also includes a GPI input that forces the unit to switch to the auxiliary input.

Engineered with the user in mind, the LEI-516 serves an important role in complete digital system reliability. The rugged and compact LEI-516 can mount in a one 1RU frame that holds up to three “500 Series” or “700 Series” units.

Exceptional Technical Support

The LEI-516 is backed by a 10 year warranty with 24/7 free customer support from Link Electronics’ engineering team. It meets the innovative, high performance, flexibility, and reliability requirements seen in all products manufactured and supported by Link Electronics.

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