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Video DA, 1 x 8 (switchable dual 1 x 4)

Model No: IEC-750
Front of IEC-750

Product Features

  • 1 input, 8 outputs
  • Selectable Dual 1 X 4
  • Differential or Single Ended Input
  • Stereo 1 x 4
  • Mount 3 in 1RU Frame
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Portable

The IEC-750 video distribution amplifier reflects the latest in the state of the art in engineering techniques. The IEC-750 is the most versatile video amplifier yet conceived, offering outstanding performance. The input is high impedance loop through in the 1 x 8 mode of operation. In the dual 1 x 4 mode, the input is terminated internally. The dual mode of operation provides four outputs of each of the two inputs.

The versatility of the IEC-750 is illustrated by its choice of operation. Several unique features are standard with this stand-alone video DA.

A switch on the rear panel allows the unit to operate as a dual DA with two terminated inputs with four outputs each. Two gain controls on the front panel adjust the video level to ±3dB for each set of four outputs. A switch on the rear panel allows for differential or single-ended inputs.

The IEC-750 has a video bandwidth of 20 MHZ, making it a very useful device for any application. A fuse on the front panel provides easy replacement. The IEC-750 is a self contained video DA with an on board power supply that draws only 4 watts. Three units can be mounted in a 1 RU frame.

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