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SMPTE 310 Serial Digital Video Amp. 1 x 6

Model No: LEI-550/310

Product Features

  • Adjustable Output Level
  • SMPTE 310 Serial Digital Input
  • Six Serial Outputs
  • Fault Indication
  • Re-Shaped
  • Equalized
  • ASI compatible

The LINK LEI-550/310 SMPTE 310 serial digital video distribution amplifier restores the incoming signal to its proper amplitude. The signal is reshaped with automatic equalization, re-sliced and DC restored. Six outputs are provided on the rear panel.

A fault LED on the front panel of the unit indicates that the input signal level is below a pre-set threshold. A power LED indicates that the unit is running at the proper voltages.

The LEI-550/310 accepts composite 143 Mb/s, 177Mb/s, component 270Mb/s, 16:9 aspect ratio 360Mb/s standards, SMPTE 310, and ASI. The signal is transparent to the incoming signal data rate. The output level is adjustable from the front panel.

The 500 series products are compact designed for portable operation or fixed studio use. Any 500 series along with the 700 series will operate in the PRT-700 mounting frame.

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