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Product Features

  • HD-SDI
  • GPI Controlled
  • Serial or Ethernet Controlled
  • Color Killer
  • Defocusing (Linear Blur)
  • 50% Gray Scaler
  • Field Upgradable
  • Multi Unit Control
  • Optoinal Dual Supplies
  • Luminance Control
  • Power Off Bypass
  • Chrominance Control

SDI Processing Amplifier

Model No: SPA-470

The SPA-470 is a high definition serial digital interface processing amplifier (Proc Amp). It will accept HD-SDI transport streams and give three processed outputs of the same format as the input. Finding a digital proc amp with the controls that you want can be difficult so Link has developed this product for you. The unit will modify the active area of the video through front panel controls or be controlled through serial or Ethernet. The unit will pass ANC data untouched including audio and captions to the output.

Defocusing (Linear Blur)

The SDI outputs are re-clocked making the SDI output eye pattern generally better than the input. It is a better re-clocker than most re-clocking Distribution Amplifiers (DA). The proc amp has defocusing feature (linear blur) that can be used to make words in video unreadable or can be used to censor the video. A color kill feature to instantly make the video black and white. Video gain, brightness, saturation, and black level are just some of the other features of this proc amp.

Multi Unit Control

It has 2 serial RS-232 ports, both with adjustable baud rates. It has 2 Ports that are tunneled to the Ethernet connector. A menu allows you to select resend or redirect data from the Ethernet port to the serial ports. Resend means the unit processes the data and sends the data out. Redirect means the unit sends the data out but does not process the data. This feature could be used as an Ethernet to serial device. The serial 1 to serial 2 option can be used to “daisy chain” multiple units.

GPI Controlled

It has a GPI remote that can enable or disable the proc amp. There are serial commands for all the proc amp controls. These commands can be received via RS232 or tunneled through Ethernet. The command can be transferred from one unit to another via RS232 cables.

Exceptional Technical Support

The SPA-470 is backed by the Link Electronics standard 10-year warranty and 24/7 customer support. It meets the innovative, high performance, flexibility, and reliability requirements of all Link Electronics products.

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