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SD SDI Color Bars and Black Gen-Lock & Alternate Signal

Model No: LEI-522

Product Features

  • NTSC or PAL
  • EIA RS-189A
  • Rotary Encoder
  • 10 Bit Processing
  • SD SDI Black Burst
  • Infinite Vertical Timing
  • Infinite Horizontal Timing
  • 8-Charactor LED Readout
  • SD SDI SMPTE Color Bars
  • Inactive Looping Reference
  • Stand Alone or Gen-lockable
  • Flip between Black and Color Bar
  • Two pairs of independent Outputs

The LINK LEI-522 is another product in the family of 500 Series known for portability. The unit automatically selects between NTSC or PAL in the Gen-Lock mode according to what the reference input is. The LEI-522 defaults to the selected standard in the free run mode.

The LEI-522 takes advantage of the latest FPGA technology to provide the highest performance for color bar, black burst, or to flip between the two generated patterns. The color bar patterns are SMPTE for NTSC and 75% for PAL. Therearetwo pairs of independently selectable outputs. The timing range is infinite for each output pair for both vertical and horizontal.

The LEI-522 may be set-up for alternating between black burst and color bar. The purpose is to confirm frame synchronizer freeze for remote satellite set-up. There is a front panel eight character display for showing the function under adjustment. Two push-buttons switches are used for "Escape" and "Enter". With the front panel buttons and the rotary encoder the user can easily make adjustments to the unit. The power supply is either a PPS-702 or PWT-400.

The LEI-522 SDI color bar and black burst generator is specifically designed for use in 601 SDI digital applications in both 525/60 and 625/50 systems. A high stability VCXO provides the necessary accuracy for the most demanding requirements.

The LEI-522 receives a reference black burst for timing purposes in the Gen-Lock mode, or as a stand-alone without a reference input in the free-running mode. An infinite Gen-Lock timing range makes the LEI-522 ideal for timing the signal into the studio facility. The two outputs of the LEI-522 are independently adjustable over the entire H and V infinite timing range. The LEI-522 is ideal for use as either a stand alone or a gen-lockable SDI generator in any system, making Link Electronics the only choice for a digital timing system to meet both your needs and your budget.

For total flexibility, the PRT-700 mounting tray will hold up to three (3) 500 or 700 series products. Each of the LEI-522's in a rack tray may select either color bar or black burst. Each product may be used to time source videos in a system by using the black burst output.

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