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Internet Protocol Address (IP) Captioning with any encoder

Model No: IPC-92

Product Features

  • Ethernet to serial
  • IP Captioning
  • No software
  • Pre-setup for Link Encoders
  • Customizable Setup
  • No Caption Data Phone Line
  • No Caption Server Fees
  • Web Interface

The IPC-92 is an Ethernet to serial converter that can be used for Internet Protocol address (IP) captioning. The unit is pre-setup at the factory to work with Link encoders. All setup is controlled through a web page that is stored in the device so no software installation is required, if for some reason you need to change the settings you just use any popular web browser. Using the IPC-92 means that a data phone line is no longer needed for captioning. Program audio will still have to be sent to the captioner via phone line, Skype, voice over IP, web streaming, or the list goes on.

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