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Product Features

  • AC Powered, Portable
  • SMPTE 259M, 344M, 292M compliant
  • Serial Digital Input
  • HD Input
  • Four Serial Outputs
  • Lock/Format Indication
  • Automatic Equalization and Re-clocking

HD/SD SDI 1 x 4 Video Distribution DA

Model No: LEI-532

The LINK LEI-532 serial distribution amplifier restores the incoming signal to its proper amplitude. The signal is reshaped with automatic equalization, and DC restoration. The LEI-532's maximum equalized cable length; for SD up to 350meters at 270Mb/s, and HD up to 140 meters at 1.485Gb/s. Four outputs are provided on the rear panel, as well as a detachable AC power cord.

There are three switches on the front panel that select, 1) Re-Clock On/Off, 2) Auto format select or DVB-ASI, 3) DC Restoration On/Off. There are four outputs that represents the input.

The LEI-532 input signal can be 143Mb/s, 177Mb/s, 270Mb/s, 360Mb/s, 540Mb/s, and 1.4835/1.485Gb/s standards. The front panel has two LED's that tell if the input signal has locked, and whether the data is Serial Digital standard definition, or High Definition, HD/SDI. The signal output level is 800mV p-p, and reclocked.

The 500 series products are compact designs that allow three units to mount in the PRT-700, one unit tray. There are 17 products in the 500 and 700 series that can mount in the PRT-700 rack tray. Backed by Link's 10-year warranty, the LEI-532 will provide years of outstanding performance.

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