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Product Features

  • 8 Channel Embed
  • 8 Channel DeEmbed
  • AFD Delete
  • AFD Insert
  • AFD Pass-thru
  • Analog AES I/O

Eight Channel Embed & DeEmbed with AFD

Model No: SED-858

The SED-858 HD/SD Audio Multiplexer Demultiplexer will embed or de-Embed up to eight audio channels, in either AES balanced, AES unbalanced, or analog formats, into a single 3 Gb/s, 1.485 Gb/s HD or 270 Mb/s SD video stream. This unit meets the SMPTE specifications for embedding and de-Embedding.

The SED-858 will embed or de-Embed up to eight audio channels into two groups in the horizontal ancillary region of the HD-SDI or SD-SDI output signal. A key feature, embedding and de-Embedding may be performed simultaneous. Cross channel swap may be selected to meet the specific requirements of the customer. As an added bonus, the SED-858 will incorporate AFD Insertion, deletion, and pass-through.

The SED-858 is a one RU chassis that auto-detect between HD-SDI and SD-SDI signals with full channel selection per HD or SD signal. Built-in analog audio amplifiers allow for full control over the volume.

The SED-858 set-up features are controlled by a rotary encoder, and displayed on a VFD. Automatic detection of all SMPTE 292M HD, SMPTE 424M HD, and SMPTE 259M SD SDI video standards. Eight balanced analog audio, eight channels of four AES unbalanced, or eight channels of four AES balanced inputs. 24-bit AES input audio embedding. One SMPTE 292M HD-SDI with SMPTE 299M embedded audio or SMPTE 259M SD-SDI with SMPTE 272M embedded audio outputs. 24-bit AES audio processing. Optional ancillary data space cleaning mode before embedding.

Each SED-858 includes a chassis specific breakout cable that expands the number of available connections beyond what would fit on a standard plug-in card system. The breakout connectors includes two 25 pin male and one 25 pin female that provides for AES and analog audio I/O.

The SED-858 includes one 25-pin break-out cable for AES Bananced. The 25-pin break-out cables for analog audio I/O are optional items and should be purchased separately.

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