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Closed Caption Decoder, CC1 & CC2, Remote CC On/Off, Includes PWT-300

Model No: PCD-88
Front of PCD-88

Product Features

  • Two Outputs
  • BNC Loop Through
  • Switch Select CC1 & CC2
  • 12 VDC Regulated
  • Remote Caption ON/OFF

The PCD-88 is a high performance closed caption decoder for the NTSC system. It is capable of processing and displaying all standard field one closed captions. The two channels of data that can be displayed are CC1, CC2. The two channels of captions are selectable from a two position switch located on the front panel. Two LED's indicate which of the two channels are selected. An automatic caption "Time-Out" function will erase displayed captions after 15 seconds if no new data is received.

This unit can easily be mounted adjacent to a video monitor that does not have a built-in closed caption decoder to accomplish excellent results. The PCD-88 is designed with the professional user in mind. The required input signal is composite video with caption data on line 21 of field one. There are two 75Ω BNC composite video outputs.

The input is high impedance looping configured as single ended, AC coupled, to work in all environments. The remaining BNC connector must be terminated with 75Ω. A regulated 12VDC power supply, such as the Link PWT-300, is included. The PWT-300 operates on AC power from 90 to 240VAC.

Three internal controls provide for adjustment of composite video level, background level and character intensity. The unit is housed in a high impact plastic case for durable operation in the field or in the studio. The mating plug for remote captions ON/OFF is supplied.

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