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Product Features

  • Looping Reference Input
  • Bi-level or Tri-level Reference
  • HD YUV or RGB Outputs
  • 30 Test Patterns
  • Master Sync Generator
  • 23 Different Formats
  • Infinite Timing
  • Bi-level and Tri-Level Outputs
  • Unit Identification
  • Active Patterns

Bi-Level & Tri-Level Black with Gen-Lock

Model No: LEI-523

The LEI-523 by Link Electronics™ is a series of broadcast High Definition and Standard Definition sync generator with HD component test patterns, providing the user with high quality, low cost system to produce sync and HD Test Patterns. The LEI-523 can be use to gen-lock to other syncs or as a stand alone unit (Master Sync Generator).

This unit is a multi-format generator that can be used where various HD signals are required. Tri-level sync is on all analog component outputs, RGB or YUV. Sync output can be selected as Bi-level (black burst) or Tri-level. All outputs are in time with each other even as a SD and HD sync generator.

There are a total of thirty test signals available, including SMPTE, EIA and Full Field Bars. There are twenty three different HD formats available plus NTSC or PAL black burst. A unit identification, ID enables a number from g00" to g99" to ID that specific source. It also has the ability to alternate a Flash signal in the video to indicate the signal is active so that one can see if the video has not been frozen when going thru a frame synchronizer.

The LEI-523 gen-locks with a pair of looping BNC connectors on the rear panel. The reference input can be either Tri-level (HD) or Bi-level (SD) sync. The gen-lock provides adjustments of infinite horizontal and vertical Timing and indicates gen-lock.

The Link Electronics product design, performance and reliability are reflected in the New-Generation of Link products. A pair of lighted push buttons and an optical rotary encoder changes and selects between various menus. User friendly operation is a key concept of this instrument.

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