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Audio Mux & DeMux, Embed AES audio onto an SDI signal

Model No: 1180
Audio Mux & DeMux

Product Features

  • Multiplexer
  • De-Multiplexer
  • SDI Input & Output
  • AES/EBU Input & Output
  • Analog Stereo Audio Input (Optional)
  • Analog Stereo Audio Ouput (Optional)

The 1180 operates in the 1000 DigiFlex frame with a backplane that will accommodate future products for the professional video market.

The 1180 is a high-quality multiplexer de-multiplexer for embedding and de-embedding analog or AES audio onto the SDI signal. The 1180 is a very reliable product for the demanding user. The 1180 is designed to insert analog or digital audio signals onto a single SMPTE 259M serial component digital video signal. Analog embed and de-embed is a plugin option. Should analog embed be a requirement for future use, a simple plug-in module attaches to the primary PC board.(1180-OP/A). In addition, the 1180 module supports full EDH monitoring and insertion.

The multiplex function takes the AES/EBU audio signal and multiplexes the data onto the serial digital signal. The audio signal will be placed onto the SDI video according to SMPTE 272M-1994.

Either 20 or 24 Bit extended audio can be embedded into the video stream. Ancillary data already in the video stream can be removed. Both of these functions are selectable on the front panel through a series of DIP switches.

In addition of multiplexing, the 1180 is a high-quality AES/EBU demultiplexer (analog embed and de-embed is an option). This unit is designed to extract the digital audio signal from a single SMPTE 259M serial component digital video signal. The 1180 has automatic 525/625 input detection. In addition, this module supports full EDH.

The demultiplex function reads the AES/EBU audio signal and sends the data in AES format out the digital audio output port. The signal is inherently synchronized so no delays will be available at this point unless required.

There is a switch on the front card edge that selects from multiplex to demultiplex. Also, a rotary switch is used to select one of four audio groups 1-4, as specified by SMPTE 272M-1994, to be operated on.

A front panel LED indicates when the 1180 detects the selected audio group in the input video stream. Embedded 20 Bit audio or extended 24Bit audio are also indicated on the front card edge. A front panel switch is used to tell the 1180 to remove the audio group selected or to pass it through.

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