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Audio DA, 1 x 8 Mono, 1 x 4 Stereo

Model No: IEC-740
Front of IEC-740

Product Features

  • 1 input, 8 outputs
  • Select Dual 1 x 4
  • Balanced Input
  • Stereo Operation
  • Mount 3 in 1RU Frame
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Portable
  • Ten Year Warranty

The Link IEC-740 audio distribution amplifier reflects the latest in the state of the art in engineering techniques. The IEC-740 is an extremely versatile audio amplifier, offering outstanding performance. The input is high impedance bridging. All inputs and outputs use multi level screw clamp terminals located on the rear panel. The IEC-740 can be configured for balanced or un-balance operation.

The versatility of the IEC-740 is illustrated by its choice of operation, mono or stereo. The IEC-740 is a rugged device, intended for all applications where performance and reliability are required.

A switch on the front panel allows the unit to operate as a mono DA with one input and eight outputs. Selecting the dual 2 x 4 mode is required for stereo operation with four outputs for each of the Left and Right channels. A gain trim control for each channel allows for independent level matching to approximately 16dB.

The IEC-740 is a self contained audio DA with an on board power supply that draws only 4 watts. A fuse accessible from the front panel provides easy replacement. Up to three units can be mounted in a 1 RU mounting tray model PRT-700. All products carry a ten-year warranty including parts and labor.

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