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Analog White Clip Video DA 1x8

Model No: 1151

Product Features

  • White Clip
  • Op Amp. Technology
  • Eight Outputs, 7 Looping
  • DC Coupled
  • ±3dB Gain
  • 100 MHZ Bandwidth
  • Diff. Gain and Phase 0.1

The DigiFlex 1151 is a state-of-the-art analog video distribution amplifier with cable equalization and white clip. The 1151 provides high-performance analog video distribution in the LINK DigiFlex 1000 Frame. The advantage is obvious: both analog and digital distribution amplifiers can operate side-by-side in a single frame!

Utilizing the latest CMF Op-Amp technology, the 1151 combines wide bandwidth, low noise, and low power consump-tion. The video path is truly transparent, with differential phase and gain errors of <0.1o and <0.1%, respectively. Video signal-to-noise ratio exceeds 65dB. Frequency response is exceptionally flat beyond 40MHz and features a gentle roll-off to -3dB at 100MHz–perfect for analog HDTV. Eight outputs are provided on its companion rear cell, 1011. The 1011 has only 7 outputs if the input is specified looping.

DC-coupled differential input is a standard feature, providing high common-mode rejection. Cable equalization is adjust-able from the front card edge and can compensate for loss in coax cable up to 1000 feet of Belden 8281. Clamp isreferenced to back porch. White clip is adjustable from the front card edge with a range of 100 IRE units ±30 IRE units.

The attention to detail in the design of the 1151 extends to the power supply, which features a simple switching regula-tor. While slightly more complex than a linear supply, this offers the highest possible efficiency.

Two convenient mounting frames are available for the DigiFlex series products, 1000 and 7200.

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