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Product Features

  • Aux Preview
  • Hard Bypass
  • Wide Bandwidth
  • Status Indication
  • Immune To Noise
  • Switches Audio & Video

Analog Video Presence Detector, Remote Video/Auxiliary Select with Audio follow

Model No: IEC-715/R

The IEC-715 is designed to monitor its primary video input signal and automatically switch to an auxiliary video input with the loss of the primary video signal. A captive screw terminal sub-module is provided for "audio-follow-video" capability for Mono or Stereo audio switching. A three-terminal screw block provides dry contacts for normally open (N.O.) and normally closed (N.C.) to control peripheral gear. The IEC-715 can mount in a one rack unit frame that holds up to three 700 series units. Engineered with the user in mind, the IEC-715 has several important features built in.

A unique noise immunity circuit that prevents the video detector from being fooled by high level noise on its input is incorporated in the IEC-715. A relay provides a hard by-pass of the primary video signal in the event AC power is lost to the unit. Front panel "By-Pass" and "AUX Select" switches allow you to override the automatic change-over function and choose either video source. A front panel "Status" LED indicates the condition of the primary video input. Packaged in an attractive 700 series stand-alone chassis, the IEC-715 provides both reliability and flexibility.

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