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Analog Video Distribution Amplifier 1x8

Model No: 1152

Product Features

  • Eight Outputs
  • Differential Input
  • DC or AC Coupled
  • Op Amp. Technology
  • ±3dB Gain, each set of four
  • 100 MHZ Bandwidth
  • Diff. Gain and Phase 0.1

The DigiFlex 1152 Video DA represents the state of the art in analog video distribution. The 1152 provides high-perfor-mance video distribution in the LINK DigiFlex 1000 Frame. The advantage is obvious: both analog and digital distribu-tion amplifiers can operate side-by-side in a single frame!

Utilizing the latest CMF Op-Amp technology, the 1152B combines wide bandwidth, low noise, and low power consump-tion. The video path is truly transparent, with differential phase and gain errors of <0.1o and <0.1%, respectively. Video signal-to-noise ratio exceeds 65dB.

DC-coupled differential input is a standard feature, providing high common-mode rejection. Eight outputs are availableon the companion rear cell, model 1011. The front panel gain control adjusts the level to ±3dB.

The attention to detail in the design of the 1152 extends to the power supply, which features a simple switching regula-tor. While slightly more complex than a linear supply, this offers the highest possible efficiency.

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