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Product Features

  • RS 232 or IP Captioning
  • Event Scheduler
  • Integrates with ENPS/ MOS, iNews, and Dalet
  • Real Time Translation
  • Supports Streaming with YouTube, Facebook and other platforms
  • Uses Most Popular Media Files and Codecs
  • CC Align
  • Multi-language Captioning
  • Watchfolder Setup
  • Speaker ID Creation
  • Faster than real time caption processing
  • Server Based
  • Remote Web GUI Task Scheduler
  • Live and post-production translation
  • Selectable Caption Screen Line Location
  • Windows 10 IoT

The ACE-2200 is a combination of the ACE 2000 and ACE 2100 in a single unit and is capable of live captioning from one of multiple live sources, as well as being able to caption in post production, however, both programs cannot run simultaneously. This unit provides a one stop captioning solution for both live captioning and post production captioning.

The ACE-2200/ENC includes a built-in caption encoder card.

It is able to be used with or without an internet connection depending on the needs of the user.

The ACE-2200 includes all of the features found in the ACE-2000 and ACE-2100 such as a user friendly web based Graphical User Interface(GUI), Event Scheduler/Task Manager, and Selectable On-Screen Caption Location.

The system does not need to be “taught” and is updated regularly with an internet connection. Words can be manually entered into the system's dictionary to increase the ACE’s accuracy. To further ADA compliance, the ACE can identify individual speakers to provide a speaker ID with the automatic closed captions.

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