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Product Features

  • Server Based
  • Web GUI Task Scheduler
  • Uses Most Popular Media Files and Codecs
  • Selectable Caption Screen Line Location
  • CC Align
  • Multi-language Captioning
  • Watchfolder Setup
  • Speaker ID Creation
  • Faster than real time caption processing
  • English to Spanish Translation
  • .SRT, SMPTE-TT, or EBU-TT files
  • .docx or .txt Transcription files
  • .SCC and .MCC Caption files

ACE 2100

Model No: ACE-2100

The ACE-2100 is a server based automatic speech recognition system for post production purposes. It uses a cutting-edge computational linguistics program to process speech into text from audio content. The ACE-2100 is the perfect solution for rapid processing of audio/video files with high accuracy, no latency, and customizable file options.

The ACE-2100 system has a user-friendly web Graphical User interface (GUI) where you can perform all relevant tasks and administrative functions. Tasks include, general transcription processing, creation of speaker identification, and closed caption alignment. Speaker identification processes voice prints of speakers to create identification tags used to denote individual speakers within the transcription. As an administrator, users can be created and set up with unique parameters, tailoring the use of the ACE-2100 to any environment, such as university departments, school districts, and shared usage throughout a municipality. The ACE series is also capable of translating from English to Spanish, live, without an internet connection.

Through the creation of watch folders, users can set up automated workflows as part of their video or audio processing. Creation of input and output folder locations with pre-set parameters allow users to “drag and drop” bulk files for processing.

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