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Product Features

  • 4 x 1 Switcher
  • SD/HD/3G A&B SDI
  • Automatic Equalization
  • Automatic Re-clocking
  • Vertical Interval Switching with Inputs in Sync
  • Input rates from 270 MB/S to 3 GB/S
  • ASI and SMPTE 310 Compatible
  • Signal Locked LED
  • Passes Embedded Audio
  • Rate Detect LEDs

4 x 1 3G HD SD SDI ASI Switcher

Model No: LEI-504

The LEI-504 is a four input video switcher provides a convenient, low cost way to route high definition and standard definition serial digital signals. This switcher is compatible with 270Mb/s, 1.5Gb/s, and 3Gb/s Serial Digital Interface signals. The unit can also be used for ASI and SMPTE 310M (19.4Mb/s) signals the re-clocking will automatically be turned off.

The LEI-504 automatically equalizes the incoming SDI signal, compensating for greater than 1000 feet of cable at 270Mbps, greater than 250 feet of cable at 1.485Gbps, and greater than 100 feet of cable at 2.97Gbps. The signal is then re-clocked, with automatic rate detection for all popular data rates. The LEDs on the front panel will indicate the data rate of the output video.

The LEI-504 is a Multi Definition (MD) SDI 4X1 video switcher capable of equalizing and re-clocking all common serial digital signals, since it supports both standard definition and high definition signals, this makes it the ideal SD/HD/3G video switcher for any application.

The LEI-504’s versatility is illustrated by its ability to switch from SD to HD, SD to 3G, HD to 3G, and vice versa. Another unique feature of this unit is its ability to vertical interval switch when the inputs are synchronous. Vertical interval switching means that the switch takes place in the vertical interval of the video and no glitch will be seen in the active area of the video.

The LEI-504 is a one RU chassis that is housed in the same case as the well accepted 700 series. A black front panel distinguishes between the two series. Three 500 or 700 series can be mounted in the PRT-700 rack tray.

The LEI-504 is backed by Link's 10-year warranty, which will provide years of outstanding performance.

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