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Product Features

  • Bridges Captions From One Stream to Another
  • Re-clocked Output
  • GPI Remote "Legalizer"
  • 2 CEA-708 Services Converted from 608
  • Field Upgradeable
  • VANC Line Selection
  • Decodes CC1-CC4 or S1-S6
  • Caption Data Recovery
  • Optional Dual Supplies
  • IP Captioning
  • Power off Bypass
  • 4 Port Communications 2 Serial IP
  • IP to Serial Rerouting

3G/HD/SD Closed Caption Encoder/Bridge

Model No: CBE-493

The CBE-493 reads the caption data from the bridge input video and inserts that caption data into the encoder input video. The CEA-608 captions from the bridge input are transcoded (up converted) to CEA-708 captions and both 608 and 708 captions are “wrapped” into a packet called the Caption Data Packet (CDP). The CDP is then embedded into the encoder output. This unit has three selectable bridge modes, it can encode captions from a Captioner (or teleprompter) then return to the selected bridge mode after the Captioner has disconnected. One output will be an encoded output and the other output can be either a decoded or an encoded output. The SDI inputs can be 3GB/HD/SD on either input and do not have to match formats. The unit will pass all other ANC data untouched including audio to the output. The CBE-493 outputs are re-clocked and performs better than most re-clocking Distribution Amplifiers (DA). It has RAM that is reserved for XDS packets, the packets will be inserted into CEA-608 field 2 based on XDS packet priority and field 2 availability.

The unit also has XDS menus for Parental Guidelines (V-Chip) and Transmission Station Identification (TSID) packets. The RAM can be filled using V-Chip software. It has 2 serial RS-232 ports, both with adjustable baud rates. It has 2 Ports that are tunneled to the Ethernet connector, this allows two IP caption connections at one address. A menu allows you to select resend or redirect data from the Ethernet port to the serial ports. It has a GPI remote activated Legalizer also called Weather Lift. You can select to raise the lower 4 lines up 2, 3, or 4 lines or raise all lines to the top 4 lines. Recently the FCC has mandated that captions are not to be displayed over things like people’s names, school closings, and so on. This has become a major issue with broadcasters.

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