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Product Features

  • CDP Line Location Displayed
  • CEA-608/708 Presence Displayed
  • 3GB/HD/SD-SDI Input
  • CDP Rate Displayed
  • GPI Control of OSD
  • CDP Errors Displayed
  • Timing Displayed
  • VANC Packet Number Displayed
  • Field Upgrade Serial or Ethernet
  • Optional Dual Power Supply

3G/HD/SD Caption Analyzer And Timing Indicator

Model No: SCA-436

The SCA-436 is a caption analyzer that will display the line location of the CDP. It will also indicate any CDP error(s) that may be present, for example service sequential errors or CDP rate errors. It will indicate what CEA-608 (CC1-CC4) and what CEA-708 (S1-S6) captions are present. It will indicate what services are in the CDP descriptor if the descriptor is present. It can also indicate the SDI timing compared to an analog reference.

The SCA-436 has its OSD on one of the 3 outputs, this allows the other two outputs to be used downstream. This unit can be put into a system stream for full time monitoring of the caption and timing information. The output has the information overlaid onto the video, allowing you to see everything on one screen. Menu options allow you to turn off or on the timing and CDP displays separately. A GPI remote can be used to turn both displays off. The SCA-436 reference input format can be NTSC, PAL, 720P, 1080I, and 1080P. The SDI video input format can be NTSC, PAL, (SMPTE 259 M) 720P, 1080I, and 1080P (SMPTE 292 M), both inputs are auto detected. Front panel buttons indicate if the inputs are locked (green) or not locked (red). The reference and SDI input formats do not have to match, but if they are not gen-locked to each other the horizontal and vertical timing displays will not display the timing. A reference input is not required for the CDP display. The SCA-436 design, performance and reliability are reflected in the New-Generation of Link Electronics products. Simple user interfaces with an enter button, escape button, a rotary knob, and a 20X2 Vacuum Fluorescent Display are used for menu navigation. This is the second product of Link Electronics Chameleon Series.

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