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16 x 1 Analog Video Switching Matrix

Model No: 816-OP/A

The AVS-816 has three options to configure the unit to be Analog, SD/SDI or HD/SDI for Video and Audio. The audio can be configured for AES or Analog. The 816-OP/A is the analog video switch matrix. The AVS-816 chassis and the 816-OP/A board make up an video only switcher. Combining the 816-OP/A and 816-OP/B, configures a 16X1 analog video with audio follow switcher.

You must select the video matrix and audio matrix to make up the desired switcher format. You have the choice of analog, SD/SDI or HD/SDI video or analog.

The SD/SDI video has one SD/SDI output and one analog video output for monitoring.

The plug-in choices are:
AVS-816, Chassis, power supply and motherboard
816-OP/A, Analog video matrix, 16X1, two outputs
816-OP/B, Analog audio matrix, 16X1, two outputs
816-OP/HD, HD/SD SDI video matrix, 16X1, two outputs

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