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XL818HD/3A 8x8 HD Video Router

Model No: XL818HD/3A

Product Features

  • Auto detect of HD and SDI formats
  • Auto input equalization and output re-clocking
  • Hot swappable front loading boards
  • Redundant power supply available
  • Wide range of local or remote control panels available
  • Versatile RS232 serial interface standard

Please Note: A control panel must be ordered with each router.

INNOVATION XL8x8 series of routing switchers includes both HD/SDI XL818HD/1A and XL818HD/3A configurations. Both versions will auto-sense HD or SDI video signals and provide the correct format on each output.

XL818HD/3A - 8x8 HD asynchronous video and analog stereo audio in one 1RU frame with single power supply

Other important features include:

  • Modular design. A separate plug-in module for the 8x8 video. The 8x8 audio can be added later by simply plugging in the desired type of audio module. There are no active components in the frame.
  • Plug-in power-supply modules. Two front load slots for power supplies. One supply is standard. The second supply is the redundant power supply option. True load power monitoring with remote indicators included for both power supplies.
  • A standard computer hardware based Ethernet 10Base2 single coax connection based remote control panel system.
  • Because of our unique 'control panel cradle', model CR100, local control panels can be easily moved to the 10Base2 remote network and vice versa.
  • A wide selection of AFV, breakaway, and X-Y local and/or remote control panels.
  • Built-in RS232 user serial port, with a simple and flexible protocol.
  • Vertical interval switching is referenced to an external input.

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