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20 Slot Frame, PS, Cooling Fans, TCP/IP 10/100 Mb Ethernet card

Model No: OGX-FR-CN-P

Product Features

  • 2RU frame houses up to 20 modules
  • Analog or digital, video or audio in the same frame
  • 2 looping reference inputs feed all modules
  • 450W power supply with integral cooling fan
  • Full Featured Ethernet for network control
  • Optional hot-swap redundant power supply
  • Cooling fans in door
  • 5 year warranty

The OG3-FR-CN is a 2RU modular frame, designed to accommodate up to 20 modules of the openGear OG3 Multi-Definition product family. The OG3-FR-CN blends the simplicity of a fixed rear connector frame and the flexibility of independent rear modules. For most applications which use BNC connectors, the OG3-FR-CN is available with a fixed 100-BNC rear I/O module. This frame configuration allows any openGear module using BNC connectors to be installed into any slot, without restrictions. Installation of separate rear modules is not required. Unused slots can be pre-wired into a facility, and installation of card modules can be done at any time without accessing the rear of the frame. For applications where other types of I/O connections are necessary, the frame also supports slot-dependent rear I/O modules. The OG3-FR-CN frame can accommodate two front-loaded PS-OG3 power supplies. Although a single supply can fully power a loaded frame, the addition of a second (optional) supply gives the frame full power redundancy. Each supply is fed by a separate power cord, which is held in position to guard against accidental power loss. Each power supply contains an independent cooling fan, status LED, and a front-mounted power switch. The frame comes standard with one power supply. The frame has been designed with an advanced cooling architecture to increase ventilation. For applications where the total module load is less than 40 watts, the OG3-FR-CN can be used without cooling fans. Frames should be mounted with 1RU empty space between frames. For applications where frames are mounted directly above or below other equipment, or where the total module power load is greater than 40 watts, an optional cooling fan kit can be added. These front-door mounted fans provide forced air cooling for all modules, and additional cooling for the power supplies. An intelligent fan controller adjusts fan speed with changes in frame power loading or temperature. Particular attention has been paid to frame acoustics in order to keep fan noise to a minimum. The OG3-FR-CN will accommodate any openGear modules. Backed by a 5-year warranty, the OG3-FR-CN combines reliability, features and economy for future generations.

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