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Product Features

  • Automatic or Manual Operation
  • Modular Design
  • Monitor Only The Pulses Required
  • Matched To The Pulse
  • 85VAC to 260VAC
  • Bi-Color LED's For Status

Change-Over Chassis, MB & PS, Choose Options

Model No: PCO-818

The PCO-818 is the chassis, power supply and motherboard only. You must choose the specific modules to meet your requirements. The modules are listed on the rear of this data sheet. This allows you to choose the module for your needs, and not accept functions you do not need.

As your system grows and new technology arrives, the PCO-818 stands ready to grow with you. The PCO-818 is engineered to provide complete syncsystem reliability in a compact, easy to use, and economical package. It’s advanced modular design provides a level of flexibility never before available in an Automatic Changeover unit. When combined with it’s sync generator companion, the SPG-812, the PCO-818 can offer the best performance and reliability available today.

The basic function of the PCO-818 is to monitor an installation’s primary sync generator and automatically switch to a backup generator in the event of a failure to the primary. It’s modular design offers several advantages over traditional automatic changeover units.

Monitor only the signals used by the system: no need to pay for monitoring capability that is not required by the system. Install only the modules you need now–add more later.

Each module is matched to it’s signal: this allows us to accurately monitor pulses of various amplitudes and widths.

It also allows us to mix analog and digital signal monitoring in the same chassis!

Since the PCO-818 and the SPG-812 Sync Generator share a common chassis, modules may be interchanged between units. For example, an television station may use a single SPG-812 generator with a backup blackburst generator installed in the changeover chassis!

In addition, the PCO-818 is designed such that AC mains failure will not erase the memory of it’s last generator selection. Dual-coil latching relays provide a reliable signal path even if power is lost to the PCO-818. Meanwhile, its power supply features a “universal” voltage input range of 85VAC to 260VAC. In extreme conditions, the PCO-818 would be the last unit to shut down in the event of an AC mains failure.

Bi-color LEDs provide instant status indication for each signal in your system. If a particular signal is not in use, the LED can be easily de-selected (dark) rather than produce a false failure (red) indication. A “Manual/Automatic” switch allows the user to override the automatic changeover function and select either generator in the system.

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