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Auto Switch for pulses, BL, SY, HD, VD, BF & CRS

Model No: 818 OP/PL

The 818-OP/PL is engineered to provide backup reliability in a compact, easy to use, and economical package. When inserted in the PCO-818 frame, it's advanced modular design provides a level of flexibility never before available in an Automatic Changeover unit. When combined with it's sync generator companion, the SPG-812, the PCO-818 frame can offer the best performance and reliability available today.

The basic function of the 818-OP/PL is to monitor an installation's analog pulse and automatically switch to a backup analog pulse in the event of a failure. It's modular design offers several advantages over traditional automatic changeover units.

Monitor only the signals used by the system: no need to pay for monitoring capability that is not required by the system. Install only the modules you need now-add more later.

Since the PCO-818 frame and the SPG-812 frame share a common chassis, modules may be interchanged between units. It also allows us to mix analog and digital signal monitoring in the same chassis. For example, a television station may use a SPG-812 primary module, backup module, and changeover module,all installed in either chassis.

In addition, the 818-OP/PL is designed such that AC mains failure will noterase the memory of it's last generator selection. A dual-coil latching relay provides areliable signal path even if power is lost to the 818-OP/PL. Meanwhile, its power supply features a "universal" voltage input range of 85VAC to 260VAC. In extreme conditions, the 818-OP/PL would be the last unit to shut down in the event of an AC mains failure.

Bi-color LEDs provide instant status indication for each signal in your system. If a particular signal is not in use, the LED can be easily de-selected (dark) rather than produce a false failure (red) indication. A "Manual/Automatic" switch allows the user to over-ride the automatic changeover function and select either generator in the system.

As your system grows and new technology arrives, the PCO-818 series of modulesstands ready to grow with you. Backed by our standard 10-year warranty, the 818 OP/PL will offer years of reliable service.

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