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AES/EBU Digital Audio Distribution Amp. 1 x 8

Model No: LEI-540
Front of LEI-540

Product Features

  • AES-EBU Audio DA
  • Stand-Alone
  • Six Outputs AES3-ID
  • Two Outputs AES3-1992
  • Transformer Coupled
  • Front Panel Select BNC/Terminal Input

The LEI-540 accepts either AES3-1992 or AES3-ID inputs and provides a total of eight outputs of digital audio: six to AES3-ID specifications, two to AES3-1992 specifications. Transformer coupled inputs and outputs are standard to eliminate the possibility of ground loops. Captive screw terminal blocks are used for the AES3-1992 input/outputs while BNC’s are used for the AES3-ID connections.

A front panel switch selects between BNC and screw terminal, (AES3-ID, AES3-1992). Sample rate LED’s show three rates, 48KHz, 44.1KHz and 32KHz. An error detection LED indicates any errors on the incoming signal. An AC power switch on the front panel allows the user to turn the unit on or off at will. No need to go behind the rack to check the fuse; the fuse is on the front panel.Many features are found in the LEI-540 for professional use.

The digital signal path uses state-of-the-art integrated circuits. The data is re-sliced and reclocked for jitter attenuation. Sample rates are automatically detected and indicated by front panel LEDs. Data errors are also detected and reported by a red LED on the front panel.

The 500 series is housed in the same case as the well-accepted 700 series. A black front panel distinguishes between the two series. Three 500 or 700 series can be mounted in the PRT-700 rack tray.

Designed with the professional in mind, the LEI-540 will provide years of error free performance. Backed by LINK's standard 10-year warranty, the LEI-540 combines high-performance and economy.

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