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16 x 1 Analog Audio Switching Matrix

Model No: 816-OP/B

The AVS-816 has eight options to configure the unit to be Analog, SD/SDI or HD/SDI for Video and Audio. The audio can be configured for AES or Analog. The 816-OP/B is the analog audio plug-in board. The AVS-816 chassis and the 816-OP/B board make up an audio only switcher. Combining the 816-OP/A and 816-OP/B, configures a 16X1 analog video with audio follow switcher.

You must select the video matrix and audio matrix to make up the desired switcher format. You have the choice of analog, SD/SDI or HD/SDI video or analog or AES audio.

The SD/SDI video has one SD/SDI output and one analog video output for monitoring. The AES has one AES output and one analog audio output for monitoring purpose.

Software is supplied with all AVS series to control up to 32 switchers from a single computer. See data sheets for the AVS-816/SA analog switcher and AVS-816/SD for SD/SDI system switcher. A remote control is available for the unit, model PSR-816. The plug-in choices are:

AVS-816, Chassis, power supply and motherboard

  • 816-OP/A, Analog video matrix, 16X1, two outputs
  • 816-OP/B, Analog audio matrix, 16X1, two outputs
  • 816-OP/C, SD SDI video matrix, 16X1, one SD SDI and one analog
  • 816-OP/D, AES audio matrix, 16X1, one AES and one analog
  • 816-OP/E, AES rear panel for Weco 3-pin connectors
  • 816-OP/F, AES rear panel for BNC connectors
  • 816-OP/G, GPI option
  • 816-OP/HD, HD/SD SDI video matrix, 16X1, one output

Customer selects the above desired options, and the factory configures to your requirement.

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